Finished Palace of Illusions  

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Finished the Palace of Illusions over the weekend. It was a very satisfying story and ended wonderfully.... I would suggest it to anyone who is into historical fiction.

Now I'm off to start The Twentieth Wife. I'll tell you more about that later!

I wish I had remembered that before.

I took yet another look at the previous chapters of TDB and realized that I needed another edit. I know, I promised I wouldn't do this and this time is really the last...

That is, if the 10 people I find who want to beta read this doggone thing think everything is okay.

Yes, I'm on the search for 10 folk, who like epic fantasy, and will respect the copyright, to read this and tell me what they think before I go finalfinalfinal.

If you like epic fantasy, and are interested, go ahead and comment here, or even email me a

I'm almost done with my re-edit of chapter 4 so I have one part ready to go.


More commentary on "The Palace of Illusions"  

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Duryodhana is a poop-head
Yudhishthira needs to be smacked
Karna is a block headed dodo head
That is all.