Seriously, Alaric?  

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I have this character -- let's call him "Mr. A". He's supposed to be quietly traveling with his sister and waiting. He has stuff to say, but I personally think it can wait for a few chapters.

Does he listen to me? No. Is he sitting quietly waiting? No. Is is jumping around willy nilly in my brain with his hand up, screaming "Oh! Oh! Oh!". Yes.

50K words in, Mr. A seems to want to express himself. *sigh* Dude, I have other people I have to take care of before you get to speak, so leave me be for a minute or two! I don't care if you are Ms. J's twin brother, and have been traveling with her these past eight chapters. You. Have. To. Wait.

So, in any case, this is the blog for the book. You can check me out, ask questions, make comments, add your 2 cents. I may even answer your commentary -- if my characters behave *eyes Mr. A*

You can even buy the parts as they come out. I'm publishing it as a serial, in four chapter sections. Nicely bound and all that there. Right now, I've got part one available. You can either buy it over on the right side of the blog ---->

Or over at my Etsy shop. Your choice. (hint: buying it over on the right will keep you from having to join Etsy to buy).

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