Sneak Peaks and Sad Words  

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David Eddings, RIP. He died recently at the age of 71. This was one of the father's of epic fantasy; one of the writers that served as an inspiration to me. The Belgariad and The Mallorean were some of my favorite books; now that I've got that membership to Audible, I can relive those stories once again. Some people didn't like his writing style; said that his books simply told the same story over and over again, however, from what I do remember, his stories were always full of humor and adventure. The Fantasy world has lost a giant and I wish him a swift and happy journey.

Onward and onward.
Here is a sneak peak of the cover of TDB Part III:

I wanted to go for something brighter this time. I also love this picture because she looks exactly as I would picture Laraidra to look. I have this big thing for Pre-Raphaelite artists, so you will probably see a lot of them as cover art, until I can find an artist who is kind enough to do the art work for free... yes, I can dream!

I'm also working on some ancillary pieces, little vingnettes that don't fit into the book as a whole, but give a tantalizing idea of the world these people live in, the legends they believe in, what makes the Keshkin divine.

So if you want to see this cover and all the others in the flesh, you have to go buy Parts I and II.

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