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New blog look. I inally like -- for now. One of these days, I'll be able to convince someone who knows code to create something more personalized. But I love the sidebar.

So, the Shop where it all happens is getting moved. Again. I tried to do the one shop thing, but I'm not liking the look of everything in one shop. GFTPublications will be opening come July 1. This will be another cool place to buy the book and get sucked in to the world of the Keshkin.

I guess the question of the day would be; why serialized?

Back in the day -- way back -- writers like Dickens, Baum & Shelley published their works in serialized format. Bringing it back in this world where everyone reads and thinks and texts in sound bytes seemed only logical to me.

Very few people these days have time to sit down to a whole novel -- as much as they would like to. Why not offer them small sections that they can digest when they want or need to. And, to tell the truth, this actually gets my own behind in gear to get this thing finished. If I held back until the thing was done, I would be scooting around in a HoverRound(tm) before I hit publication.

What do you get when you buy an episode? Well, actually, you get four whole chapters per part. Printed on paper with a high recyclable content with a beautiful cover, the first editions are handbound. I'll even put my paw print on the first editions, of which there are ten in all. After those ten go, you'll still get a quality printing, on the good paper, with a color cover.

I'm considering downloadable versions and audio versions, but I would like to sell a few of the print versions and get an idea of how you all actually like them first. And there is always finishing Chapter Nine...

Okay, okay, I'm running along now. Later all!

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