He's ready for his close up....  

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I've finally started Chapter Nine -- for real this time. Our boy has put his foot down in fabulous style.

If you couldn't tell, I do have favorite characters in this book, and right this second Alaric is right up at the top. Although I haven't quite figured every little nook and cranny out about him, he's turning out to be an interesting little personality. He's got that whole "still waters" vibe about him that makes him a joy to illustrate on the page.

I've also put together two vingnettes that I'll be putting up for sale soon. One is actually a cycle of poetry I wrote Waaaaaaaaay back in the day when I was playing with the epic poetry style. I'll give you a little sneak peak at the covers:

The Cycle of the Trees Nineteen. Started this back in 1986 when I was all fascinated with Gods and Goddesses and their tales of woe... like I still don't spend time of Wiki checking out the latest with Beowulf and the like.

This is a Defender's Burden related vignette that will never make it to the books. An interesting insight into some of the legends of Before, I think.

Well, day job calls. Back to the salt mines.

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