Tito... Pass me a Tissue  

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No, seriously. Pass me a tissue.

First I find out that Farrah has passed away after her long fight with cancer. That's sad enough; I remember her from Charlie's Angels and the Burning Bed and know what kind of iconic figure she had become.

So, I'm working on Wings of Jericho, another serial fiction, and what does my boss do? Because yes, when it's quiet at work, I will actually work on my writing. He calls me up and says, "Hey, guess what! Michael Jackson died!"

Of course, being the person I am, I didn't believe him, so I go to CNN. First they have him in the hospital, then in a coma, then about 5:30pm EST, they confirm the news. He's gone.

So I'm writing about angels when I find out that another icon has passed away. Yes, angels.

I remember being fascinated by Farrah when I was young; Michael Jackson was my fave from the time when I was about 5 or 6 years old. This picture is the way I will remember him. I probably had a poster like this on my wall when I was a kid. Music has always touched me in a way that nothing (except perhaps writing) has. So Michael Jackson was a HUGE thing in my young life.

I hope now that they both get the peace and rest that they both deserve. I'm not going to cover the scandals and silliness that followed both of them -- to different degrees, surely -- nor the changes they had gone through over the years. All I know is that I will remember both of them from my youth, when things were a whole lot simpler and what they both did was ground-breaking at the time.

Oh course, about the angels. I'll be posting a listing for Part One sometime in the next few days. More about it later!
Requiescat in pace, both of you.

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