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Chapter 9, Draft 1 is done!

How do I put together a chapter? Well, fortunately for me, a great deal of this book has already been in draft format for a while. The unfortunate part is that it is in the wrong order... I've changed the pace of this story about 8797934873 times since I started.

Sometime last year, I took each scene out of drafts and saved them as separate files... about 300 in all, I think. No way I'm going to waste all that writing! Now what I do is weave new writing into some of these scene, place in the right place, edit, re-write, edit ad infinitum until I'm happy.

Tonight I continued a bit of a storyline from Part II and got Jeskha and Alaric on their way. Now, Chapter 10 is going to be a doozy -- new stuff a return of some characters that were very patiently waiting in the wings.

Let's see how that turns out!

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