Laraidra Just Got Her Voice...  

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... and she's going to sound an awful lot like her mother. I'm glad, because I've been dying to get through Chapter 10 and for some reason beyond me (the author, the creator, the "god" of these characters), she has decided that it is she who must begin the chapter. *sigh*. They're just like children.

In other news, I just devoured a trilogy of fantasy/alternate history that actually helped Laraidra find her voice. Megan Whelan Turner has written a great set of young adult fantasy books, all based on ancient Mediterranean culture. I say young adult because that's where you'll find it in the book store, and I filched the third book from my son (who got it from his 9th grade friend), but there's just enough there to intrigue us grown folks. Just say it took me cumulatively 3 days to consume all three books, but that only because I eat books like that. The only thing that niggled at my curiosity were the ages of the characters; because Turner did allude that they were realtively young, and she placed some emphasis on the main character's age. I'm probably going to read them again anyway, so I'll let you know what I come up with after then. After I do that I'm finally going to continue with the Conn Iggulden Genghis series; this one is "Lord of the Bows"

Okay, now I'm off to let Miss Laraidra have her say; because if I don't she may pitch an ugly fit inside my brain and that always gives me headaches!

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