You're a Real Winner!  

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There are two reasons I use this picture for this post: one, because, secretly, I would love to take Alan Rickman home and do all kinds of yummy things to him and two, because it's part of the answer to the trivia question.
Here was the question:
Jane Austen started her novel Sense and Sensibility
sometime between 1795 and 1796. What was the "original title" of this book?

a: Love and Friendship
b: Susan
c: Elinor and Marianne
d: Northanger Abbey.
And the answer -- given by my single commenter, "my" noble beeyotch,
c: Elinor and Marianne
so, yeah, she wins!
Here is her BEAUTIFUL Etsy Shop: JewelsofIndia, and since I'm fascinated by all things Indian, I will probably be hitting her up for information -- especially for The Defender's Burden, which does have some Indian culture mixed in.
Oh, what did she win, you say?
She one Parts One & Two of the Defender's Burden (hardcopy) and Part One of Wings of Jericho (again, hardcopy)
Look out for more babbling from me and a new giveaway next month!

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