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Seriously. Yet another template; though this one I actually liked long enough to stare at it for a while. Hopefully, this will be the last one.

For those following, the word counts will be back up soon; I just have to add in the words from the new Chapter 10 (yes, there are words for Chapter 10 to count, thank you very much).

For those who don't follow my other blogs, and in case you do and didn't get it the last two times - I'm on vaca from the "day job". So yes, I'm fitting some writing stuff into my day; somewhere between faceplant naps and haeven and gft designs stuff, and Tiny Dancer, and Crazy Teen Boy, and my husband (we'll call him Ricky Ricardo for right now, because that's how he's been acting lately).

If you'll notice over to the right, I've put up a list of authors/writers/whatever we're calling them today that were born in August. By no means is it complete (I used Wiki, so yeah). If you know of any I've forgotten, go ahead and drop them on me.

Speaking of addictions, I'm back to audiobooking again. Currently I'm reading Grass for His Pillow, by Lian Hearn (who by the way is FEMALE, though my dumb arse knew this not for a while). This is a fantasy, though its culture base is heavily Japanese. Something fantastic I did learn by visiting her website is that she actually has published this work in serial format. And there is a movie or set of movies in the works. I'll find out more and post about it here.

The serial thing is great to hear and great to see. I've been wondering if people will actually take to serial fiction the way they did back in the day.

I must be honest that publishing TDB and WOJ in serial format is just a way for me to keep my butt on track and get these stories finally out into the open, where they belong. I've seriously been working on TDB since I was 16, and notwithstanding my FIRST writing venture (which will see the light of day someday as well), I really think I should get off the pot. It's really something when you have a tale and the corresponding characters clamoring in your mind at periodic intervals for umpteen years. I guess Margaret Mitchell had much the same feeling while writing her masterpiece. Actually, thinking about how long it took her to write and publish Gone With the Wind (about 10 years) keeps me from giving up. Her and JK Rowling, who didn't give up on her writing even though she was surviving on the Dole and raising a daughter by herself. Yeah, cool people to look up to.

Anyhoot, I'm going home now to faceplant nap for a while, then fold some clothes then get the hell up and do it all again.

I'm Audi 5000!

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