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Seriously. I'm looking at chapter 10 and I'm wanting to burn it in a big ole bonfire. I don't know what I was originally thinking when I penned, not one, but TWO flashbacks in this story.

I have to 'splain the "Craden Incident", and I guess my 18 year old wisdom thought it would be cool to do it in a series of flashbacks. Stupid writer say what?

I know, I know, I can always change it and cut them out. I can scrap the sections and start from scratch. But that would involve staring at a blank document in Word like an ever loving moron.

God, I miss the days of writing long hand.

Moving onward:

In other news I'm almost finished with the audiobook version of Conn Iggulden's (yes, I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I LOVE that name) Genghis: Birth of an Empire. It's known as Wolf of the Plains in the UK. I swear, I don't care if it's fictionalized; Genghis Khan (not related to Chaka Khan) kicked some serious buttocks. He didn't even bother with the taking of names, or telling their mommas about it. And good lord help you if you got him pissed. I think he had special boots for that.

There are some who do not like historical fiction; they think it's a bastardization of what really happened. I adore historical fiction and actually Mr. Iggulden explains the allure of historical fiction perfectly. His take is a very different one on Mr. Khan (also not related to Aga Khan; he tells about his youth and how the incidents that happened in his life molded him into the royal world eater that he was. I mean seriously, how would you survive after your dad was killed by rampaging Tartars, and the man whom your father trusted most left your butt (and the butts of your whole family) out on the plains to starve while they migrated to where the food was? Unicron had nothing on this kid.

Stefan Rudnicki does a great reading of this book. He's got this deep, gravelly voice that just screams out "Big Mongol Warrior Man". He hits the pronunciations head on and just carries you into the story like a good audiobook should. Anyway, go read it or listen to it if you're into this kind of thing. If not, oh well, you could always skip the crazy babble and move on to something more constructive.

Like listening to me whine again about how I hate flashbacks. *sigh* I guess I'm off to find a pad and pen and get to gittin' on Chapter 10. Feh.

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