August Blog Giveaway Part I  

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It's giveaway time again! I've noticed that a lot of giveaways having lots of steps to enter. I prefer to give you guys things to get your minds rolling around. Yes, I would like you to visit my shop. Of course I would like you to follow my blog. But I can't force you to do that to win a prize. I have nothing against those who do those things in their giveaways, and I've entered a few who have those entry rules. I guess I'm just a chucklehead that way.

So, for Part I of this August giveaway, I'm going to be giving away a Six-Part subscription to The Defender's Burden. You'll not only receive a copy of Parts I and II, but you'll also receive parts II-VI as they are released. You can choose to get the PDF download of the parts or you can get hard copy printings. The hard copy printings are printed on a digital copier on 100% recycled content paper, with a full color, laminated cover and handmade perfect binding. It will also come with a bookmark designed for the series, with a coupon for 10% off all future parts of the series.

You have until the 15th to answer the following trivia question. Yes, I said trivia question. Like I said; work that brain!

Q: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a comic book series written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O'Neill. It was adapted to film in 2003 by Stephen Norrington (director).

Why is the title of this series and film a technical misnomer?

I'll pick the winner at random on the 15th. Now if you like that, wait until you see Part II!

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The film adaptation's plot and general atmosphere is very far from the original comic book. The filmmakers removed many of the anarchist themes and drug references present in the original story and also altered the political message. For the script, the character "The Invisible Man" was changed to "An Invisible Man" since Fox was unable to obtain the rights to that character. A Fu Manchu character was also dropped from the script.

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I'm now a follower. You can follow me too if you like. =)

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Lionel, I WISH I knew what that said... :D

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