H*LL Hath No Fury...  

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On this date in 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the 19th Amendment, which made it a part of the Constitution of the United States. Everyone break out the noisemakers and get ready to celebrate the 89th anniversary of women gaining the ability to vote in the United States of America.
HOWEVER, On January 10, 1918, this bill narrowly passed the House of Representatives, and the Senate refused to even debate it until October.
So what the did the ladies do? What do you think they did?
They probably gave a collective neck twirl, snapped their fingers in unison and urged all citizens to vote against anti-Sufferage Senators. When they were done, the Senate voted FOR the bill to the tune of 56 to 25.
Never piss a lady off. Especially a Gibson Gal, a Thoroughly Modern Millie, a New Woman. They didn't play around back then.

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